Texts from last night meets the BBC's Sherlock. Oh, hullo! Welcome to 221B Baker Street! Watch out for the broken beer bottles and used condoms on the floor... Big night! I'll just pop the kettle on. While you're waiting, why don't you go through our previously asked questions or have a look at the list of other residents, editing tutorial and the downloads masterpost. Enjoy your stay!

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Friendly reminder

If you are submitting a screencapped Text from Series 3, we will be tagging it with “sherlockbbcspoilers.” If you have not yet seen Series 3 of Sherlock, please add that to your blacklist.



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the website of the guy who uploaded it first: publichd(.)se/ index(.)php?page=torrent-details&id=34e94b8818837e49ef2abfa05d2dcd4077abc383 -therudetasteslikeveal

A clickable link.

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